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Change is a constant – Is it true for Interior and furniture design style?

About us

RASOUK – you Dream, we Create

Rashmi, the Founder and Director of the company, is a site qualified interior designer. Her passion for design, sense of spaces and colours, and teams of expert designers and contractors make her stand out in a crowd of interior design specialists.A qualified software engineer, Rashmi had been in IT profiles for over a decade with many companies, such as Accenture, Holcim Services (South Asia) and so on. She began as a coder and soon moved to management as a project manager.

Why Chose us?

At Rasouk, we breathe life into your dreams  by designing your space to give you what you want and more. Our USP is that our team of qualified and well-trained designers will provide you with design options for your home and office until you are thoroughly satisfied.

Our expertise is to provide you with beautiful spaces even if you cannot be present through the execution. It means that if you are a professional working abroad or are an NRI, and cannot stay long to ensure that the interiors of your home get done even in your absence, we are the right team to make this happen. So, instead of outsourcing your work to carpenters, light vendors, electricians, and other contractors, you can give us the responsibility of your space. We will modify it to your liking within the stipulated time.

With Rasouk, you only have to deal with one POC and relax while we breathe life into your dream.


To feature among the top interior design firms of India by creating value and achieving high customer satisfaction


To eradicate the customer’s pain points by delivering quality service within the stipulated time, using cutting-edge technology

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We combine the best of our skills and ideas to change the idea of web design.

Ketaki Tamhane
Designer Team